Jeffrey Molle, FACS

Dr. Jeffrey Molle, a surgeon with 30 years’ experience, specializes in diverse operations and wound care. As of 2023, he aids patients with difficult wounds at Hyper Healing Medical Clinics.

About Dr. Jeffrey Molle

Dr. Jeffrey Molle has performed hospital and office surgery for almost 30 years. His past practice included a broad range of abdominal, vascular, and thoracic operations. Wound care has been an essential component in all of these cases. He has experience in trauma and burn care, amputations, and varicose vein surgery as well as treating skin infections and skin cancers. Dr. Molle dedicates his time and experience to assist patients suffering from difficult wounds at Hyper Healing Medical Clinics as of January 2023.

Dr. Molle is not just an experienced surgeon but also board certified, attesting to his mastery of surgical procedures. His title as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a notable distinction, underlines his proficiency and ethical conduct. This recognition signifies a commitment to ongoing education and the latest in surgical practice. These credentials instill confidence in his patients, offering assurance of high-quality care from a professional who upholds rigorous standards.

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