Wound Care

Wound care supplies and overall management can be costly. We provide many different options to fit the patient’s needs and work with a variety of insurances to provide the best and most cost-effective care for the patient.

Chronic wounds can have serious consequences

That is why we find wound care to be such a critical process in your healing journey. Non-healing wounds require specialized care because underlying, complex issues prevent wounds from healing properly. The longer you wait to treat a chronic wound, the greater your risk of infection, amputation, and other consequences.

Indications for wound care

6.7 Million people are affected by chronic, non-healing wounds in the year of 2021

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Patients per year undergo a lower extremity amputation in the United States

Our Goal

We continuously work on optimizing our wound care treatment modalities that are imperative to your healing and overall well being. We use an integrative care approach to improve your healing time and quality of life.

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Our wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinics offer new advanced therapies and progressive procedures to work in conjunction with the care from our referring providers to heal patients faster and more completely.

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